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J38 School of Discipleship


J38 School of Discipleship is the discipleship program of The Well FWC. J38 is a 9 month intensive program where the students come to Scottsboro, Alabama to live and learn to seek the Lord and hear His voice. The name J38 comes from the verse John 3:8 which says, "The wind blows where is wishes, and you cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit."

On a day to day basis, the students of the school of discipleship will take part in classes about doctrine, the Word of God, the life of Jesus, and many more topics. They also have the opportunity to see first hand what every day ministry looks like. Every day the students will be given responsibilities in the church that they must maintain throughout the year and they will have many chances to serve in various types of ministries within the Well FWC so that they can also begin to learn what areas of ministry that they are passionate about and seek the Lord to find what they are called to in their life whether that be occupational ministry or ministry in their daily lives. One of the most exciting parts of J38 is the trips that the students will take in order to serve and spread the gospel of Christ! Trips in the past have been taken to New York City, Naples, Florida, Austin, Texas, Denver, Colorado, and many other places.

The main goal of J38 is that the students learn to know the Lord and to know His voice! Jesus said, "My sheep know My voice." By the end of these 9 months, our hope is that these students would be able to clearly hear the Lord's voice and when He speaks that they would be willing and ready to forsake anything and everything to follow His voice!

Our 2016/2017 year begins September 2016 and goes through May 2017.

If you desire more info you can visit the J38 Facebook page or email Spencer DeVries at