Yesterday I loved how often Pastor Greg spoke on the topic of faith. As he spoke on the faith of the four men who let the paralyzed man down into the house where Jesus sat and taught, I began to wonder… What have I done with my faith to impact others? How can I use what God has given me for the benefit of others? Where can I put my faith into action? I encourage you this week to live with that thought in mind.


As Christians we should live with high expectations. Believing that God will do what He has promised that he will do. I’ve noticed that many times we don’t doubt the ability of God, but there are times where we doubt His willingness. We doubt that He would do for us what we have read in the scripture, or what we have heard from others. I love the story in Matthew 8 where a man with leprosy comes to Jesus and says “Lord, if You are willing you can make me clean.” Jesus reply is so powerful, He says, “I am willing, be cleansed.”. Jesus is not only able to heal you, deliver you, save you, provide for you… He is willing to do all of that and more!


My take away from yesterday was what a great gift we have in the word of God. Everything we need is found in that awesome and powerful book. Wisdom, encouragement, conviction, love, and so much more. His words are eternal and full of life. I want to live life completely submitted to His word. When we submit to His word, we’re actually submitting to Him, because according to John 1:1, He is the word! May our lives be committed to living by faith and completely submitted to His word.