Dead yet alive was a powerful sermon that challenged each of us to take a closer look at baptism…our baptism.  One of our “takeaways” was that our baptism has GREAT SIGNIFICANCE in our life which, when actually realized, will cause us to "remember our baptism" (which was takeaway #2).  First of all I would like to emphasize the word re-member.  We need to put back together and re-acquaint ourselves with the parts of power, forgiveness, redemption, death to sin, victory, etc. etc. etc. (there are so many parts) that come with baptism that we have forgotten or diminished.


Baptism has such a spiritual work/depth that is revealed through the physical act of it.  Romans 6:1-14 tells us that we are baptized INTO HIM (Jesus), into His death and raised up to the newness of life in Him.  


I would like to point just a few things that really made an impact on me.  


-Baptism is an association-  

Baptism associates us with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection


-Baptism is an identification-

Baptism gives us a totally new identification!  No longer sinner, but saint.  No longer broken, but whole.  No longer wavering, but steadfast.  Clean and now identified with Christ and not the enemy. 


-Baptism is an initiation-

In Matthew 3:16-17 we find Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist.  Three important things happened and were "initiated" after He came out of the water:

1. An opening-  He experienced an open heaven over Him.  I long for an open heaven over me!

2. An abiding- He experienced the Holy Spirit coming on him and remaining (abiding) on Him.  We need the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit!

3. An establishing-  He experienced the voice ofHis Father establishing Sonship.  “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”  Wow!!  This is so important in our lives as a believer to know and understand that we are a son/daughter of God.