Pastor Greg preached an Amazing message Easter Sunday!

His message pointed towards 3 factors: 

             1. Why I believe

             2. What I believe 

             3. How we can believe.

Most Christians would agree on the fact that Jesus died, was buried, and rose again, you may have even heard this as death, burial, and resurrection. We would have no hope if this was not true. Some people would say that they believe this because that is the way their family has always believed, where ultimately a true relationship with Jesus Christ must be through personal experience and personal revelation. Do you believe because of a personal experience and relationship with Jesus Christ? 

Pastor Greg gave some key take always on how to develope a healthy consistent relationship with Jesus Christ:

              1. We should respect the word of God

              2. We should respect our prayer life 

              3. When we truly believe, we will build a place for Jesus. ( Isiah 66: 1 - Heaven is my throne,                              

                  And the earth is My footstool Where is the house that you will build Me? And where is the   

                  place of My rest? )

              4.Make preperations in seeking the Lord and in your relationship with the Lord. 

Just as Jesus follower wrestled with their faith, we sometimes wrestle with ours. If we will do what we can do, He will do what we cannot do!